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Expertise in industrial solution

Expertise in industrial solution is often a matter of experience.

Not necessarily is a high level in mathematics required to solve a problem.  First, we need to understand a problem, second, we can recommend a solution.

Solution is evaluation and prediction of outcome. This is where our experience comes into picture. Working with great many industries has given us a unique opening to industrial diversity and evolution.



A conveyor belt trackers purpose is to guide a conveyor belt back into a straight line when misalignment appears. When a belt runs straight the tracker will function as an idler.

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Transroll components

We are Transroll, a world leading manufacturer of steel rollers, stations and pulleys for bulk material and loading conveyors in light and heavy industry.

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Long lasting service

The long lasting service of the Prime-Tracker is a combination of multiple quality factors, seamless steel tubes and close wall thickness tolerances.

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