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  • We design reliable and effective trackers which eliminate misalignment  and allow conveyor belts to run straight. Our experienced Czech partner Transroll are responsible for the manufacturing and construction of our belt trackers.


A conveyor belt trackers purpose is to guide a conveyor belt back into a straight line when misalignment appears. When a belt runs straight the tracker will function as an idler.

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Transroll components

We are Transroll, a world leading manufacturer of steel rollers, stations and pulleys for bulk material and loading conveyors in light and heavy industry.

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Long lasting service

The long lasting service of the Prime-Tracker is a combination of multiple quality factors, seamless steel tubes and close wall thickness tolerances.

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A high level Quality Control in compliance with National and International regulations and standards


Belt width mm Diameter mm Length of tube mm Length of shaft mm weight kg
500 194 550 950 41
650 194 700 1050 46,1
800 194 850 1200 51,7
1000 194 1050 1400 59,3
1200 194 1250 1600 66,8
1400 219 1450 1800 79,4
1600 225 1700 2000 93,1
1800 225 1900 2200 110
2000 225 2100 2400 127

Versum AB inventor and Transroll producer, joined development forces to introduce the unique PrimeTracker so belt conveyors would run more efficiently and make them free from problems.

No idler wear. PrimeTracker is one of a few that idle when belt returns to the centre position.
No more belt deviation. Small deviations from alignment increase energy consumption and idler and belt wear. Material spillage reduced to a minimum.

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About Us

A genuine product is based on the need in the market. When a need exists and is filled by products that do not reach high levels, Versum AB will go straight to the problem. Improving or changing the construction to give customers the product they deserve and have put a lot of money into.

With more than 50 years of experience in industrial development, Bertil Wahren began to think about why belt trackers often work poorly and are worn down after too short a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

A tracker is an idler mounted on a mechanical device, actuated by the belt moving against it to make the belt run straight.

PrimeTracker is able to move in a horizontal and vertical position and accommodate to the movement of a belt.

PrimeTracker is always in full contact with the belt Independent of a belt moving.

The rubber pivot bush is a soft suspension for ball bearings.

Rubber lining 17 mm is higher than any other tracker we know about. This increases life time.

Lining without pattern (compare with slicks formel 1 tires) maximizes rubber surface and power to guide conveyor belt.

Can be installed below or above conveyor belt, also for reversible drive, no limitations

Yes the PrimeTracker replaces a tracker. To be installed 3-3,5 x belt width from return pulley. If required the tracker can be mounted in 20-25 m distances along the conveyor.

No definite position needed, Just carry out the installation and Go!

A rubber bush is encapsulated in a steel shell covering 95 % of rubber. No impurities can enter the bush.  Expected life time of bush is at least 30 years.


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